Wednesday 29 April 2009

New York (part three)

I didn't realise how brief my notes were about my last stop on Friday, Hop Devil. After several super-strong beers and no food, I wasn't in much of a writing mood.

I see now why Lew is so keen on promoting session beers. Finding anything under 7% ABV was a challenge in the pubs I visited. When you're on a day-long pub crawl, this means either drinking very slowly or paying the price. I'm not renowned for restraint. The result was, with hindsight, predictable.

Anyway, on with the last fragment of my notes.

Hop Devil
[I'd had Hop Devil on my "definite" list, mostly because of its location. When I lived in New York in the mid-1980's, I used to go boozing in a basement bar that sold Prior Double Dark. I've forgotten its name and hoped to rediscover it. No luck, I'm afraid.]

Hop Devil is a pretty weird beer bar. The interior looks more like some tacky Mexican restaurant. The sort of Mexican restaurant no Mexican would ever eat it. It made me think twice about entering. But, I was already fairly tanked up and there was no nearby alternative. I took at seat at the corner of the bar.

Anderson Valley Deep Enders Dark Porter
Like a nice version of draught Guinness. Not too cold. Malty, a bit roasty. Coooooool. [Excuse the brevity of my notes. Long day, strong beer, etc. This was one I really liked. At least I think that's what it's saying.]

"Buck Foston" it says on a blackboard behind the bar. I could change it for 3 bucks. But what to? I have nothing to say in two words. I'm far too verbose.

Hop Devil Grill
129 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(212) 533-4468


Gary Gillman said...

Anderson Valley: one of the early microbreweries - started when microprocessors were the new thing - and still going great guns. Always a class act. Its stouts (I am more familiar with its Oatmeal Stout, which helped define the style for U.S. craft brewing) have always been top quality.

Hop Devil is a good option in the area in that it is catty-corner to a German-theme bar that has good imports, not far from DBA, not far from McSorley's and the string of beer bars on East 7th St. It's definitely one of the beer-aware areas in town.


ZakAvery said...

I liked the Hop devil Grill, although I think I might have been swayed by the splendid diamond-plate splashback below the taps

Ron Pattinson said...

I liked the Anderson Valley beer about as much as anything. A really well-made beer.

Aaron J. Grier said...

what would you change the blackboard to? why "Barclay Perkins", of course!