Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back in the USSR

I was going to call this post Back in the USA. Then I remembered that I'd already used that one. So back in the USSR it is. Not quite as appropriate, but I've been up for 22 hours. My coherency is suffering.

The flight over was packed, but on time. And I got a couple of 12 year old Glenlivets. They made up for the food. The evening I've spent chilling in my room. And the bar, briefly. I drank a couple of Flying Fish Pale Ales. It was OK, but a bit keggy. I doubt I'll get anything much better in the work-packed week ahead of me.

Bit dull this post, isn't it? That's what a day's travelling and a corporate hotel do for you. Destroy your ability to think. I won't even mention what they do to your soul. I hope my brain has recovered by tomorrow. Busy day.

The kids will be jealous. I got to see brand new episodes of The Simpsons and American Dad. Admittedly, they could download them tomorrow. That's not the point. I've seen them now.

Wisconsin. I wonder if it's cold up there. Do they have polar bears? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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