Friday, 3 April 2009

Great news for Jeff

Great news for Jeff: I've another work trip to the US this month. Ten days this time. It'll cover New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey again. I'll be gone 10 days in all.

Last time I had posts queued up to cover most my trip. This time I can't be arsed. I'll be posting on the road. My new flippytop and hotel wifi make mobile(ish) posting a breeze. I'll soon have caught up with the 1990's. I'm so modern. Sometimes I even carry a mobile phone.

So travel reports a-gogo. Or lots of incoherent drunken tales. Depending on what you think of my writing. Now I know there's an offie opposite the office, there should also be more beer reviews.

24th-26th April I'll be in New York. Probably in the Blind Tiger some, if not most, of the time. Should you fancy buying me a beer, just come up to me and say "Aren't you world-renowned beer blogger Ron Pattinson? Let me buy you the most expensive beer they have." I'll be easy to spot. The fat, old English bloke with an unquenchable thirst who's leering surreptitiously at the barmaid's decolleté.

On the other hand, if you're one of the psychos who stalk me on the web, I'll be the 25 year old bodybuilder with tattoes up to his eyebrows. Your codeword is: "You might look like a girl, but you smell like a badger's arse."


Bill said...

Where in New Jersey? Maybe you could take a train to Philly for a day of serious beer consumption, some seriously good beer bars there. And I'll bring along some 1915 Courage Mild for a toast.

Ron Pattinson said...

First Stater, I'll be way up in the north of New Jersey. Far, far away from public transport.

Stephen Beaumont said...

Fine strategy, Ron, but one problem: If you told a tattooed, bodybuilding New York jock that he smelled like a badger's arse, he'd likely not have the faintest idea what the hell you were saying. A monkey's butt, on the other hand, well, that might earn the speaker a fair beating...

Gary Gillman said...

Ron, I don't know if I can get to New York then but I will try. If I can, I will get in touch with you. Don't forget on this trip the Gingerman. It is really like a much larger Blind Tiger: not more expensive, different selections with many local beers that would be of interest to you.

Also, Rattle 'n Hum on 33rd Street behind the Empire State building.

Also, Stout near Penn Station as I mentioned earlier - so specialized in the black stuff that nothing called "porter" is on the list.