Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Jersey, New Jersey

I've got the afternoon off. Yippee! Not that I'm feeling guilty. I've had plenty of 10-hour plus days on this trip.

At lunchtime a colleague took me to buy a present for Dolores. Not the most exciting present, but what she wants. A type of stainless steel cleaner. I'm so romantic.

Instead of returning to work, I headed for the A&P supermarket. On the hunt for more requested presents. Food colouring for Lexie. Vanilla essence for Dolores. I'm not sure what this reveals about my family. That we're a bunch of weirdoes? Probably.

Next door to the A&P is a liquor store. They have a reasonable beer selection. Quite a few from Stone, Brooklyn and Southern Tier. I've had plenty of Stone beers before, so I didn't bother with any of theirs. And I wasn't very impressed by the Southern Tier beer I tried on my last trip. Remember, this is my last evening in the US. Not much time to drink any purchases. And I've no intention of lugging a suitcase full of beer back to Amsterdam. I settled for Brooklyn Local 2 and Hoppin' Frog B.O.R.I.S.

Brooklyn Local 2
Dark brown colour, fine-beaded head. Flowery, dusty aroma. Sweetish taste, aniseed, caramel, mint and spice aroma. Bitterish finish with aniseed, spice and toffee aromas. A pleasant, subdued brew where he restrained spiciness works really well. I know what it reminds me of: Floreffe. That mint humbug taste.

That's me about done with tasting notes for another year. I don't like to publish too many of them. I'm neither a good enough taster nor recounter of my sensory experiences to get away with more than the occasional effort. Though, as I'll be posting non-sequentially, you will get to read some more.

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AndyM13 said...

Hi There,

I suspect you guys might be the ones to know.. I have inherited a small brown case with "Barclay's Larger" "with Compliments" on the inside... would you know anything the history of this?

cheers, AM.