Wednesday, 25 July 2007



Bottled Stout in pints.

You want to know what a pint bottle of Reid's Stout cost in 1938, don't you?

Bloody weirdoes.

What the hell are you interested in?


Bottled Stout in pints.

What was its OG in the 1030s?

Funny you should ask that.

Another day looking at blurry photos. Sad, it's true. Since Dolores gave me a magnifying glass my transcriptions have become more accurate. 108%.

There are numbers. Seek them out if you care.


Bottled Stout in pints.

Guinness. I was pleased to find a couple of mentions of their bottled Stout. Still, pre-WW II, a beer considerably stronger than today. Marvel at its power.

Barclay Perkins. Note that they and Whitbread (former bigtime Porter brewers) brewed a Stout to match Guinness in strength.

All these details and so many, many. many, many, many more are available here.

You have been warned. Expect minimal entertainment value. Minimal. Zero, would be more accurate. Expect zero entertainment value.

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