Monday, 2 July 2007

Pub of the day (part three)

De Gouden Reael
Amsterdam is a bit of a flirt. While she shows you some of her charms, much is initially concealed. You have to search for the best bits. I think I'll lose my buxom young woman anology here, as I'm heading into disolute waters.

Despite being a bottle-throw from Centraal Station, the Westelijke Eilanden, isolated from the rest of town by the railway viaduct, are like a different world. I probably shouldn't tell you all this, in case you go and spoil it. Can I trusst you? I didn't think so. But I'm going to tell you anyway.

Delft. It's like having been transported to Delft, a far quieter and more intimate town than Amsterdam. There are some (I hate to use this word) lovely bits, with little gardens and playgrounds lining the canal, in a sport of hippy waterfront regeneration. Very sweet.

Sorry. I'm meant to be describing a pub, aren't I? 17th century building on harbour - split level - paintings of Centraal Station and the Silo (oh happy memories of the death-trap sunken dance floor and the dock of doom) . I'm going for streamlined descriptions. My hand aches if I write everything in full. You have to realise just how lazy I am. Only my overwhelming alcoholic urge gets me out of the house. Not just my notes but also my final writing is governed by my laziness. When I type this in it will most likely be 23:45 and I'll be eager for my bed. I'll not be in the mood for thinking up any new words. The old ones will have to do.

Mike loves Gouden Real because:
  1. very unusual location
  2. well placed as far as water is concerned
  3. the prices are reasonable
  4. the beer list is above average
  5. nice interior
  6. they have a jenever list (well, they sell Filliers 5 year old and Bols Korenwijn)

Thank you Mike. I love a second opinion. We'll have to see if it influences my scoring. I don't want to devalue my high scores. That makes me mean. I'll give it foive, just joking, three.

De Gouden Reael
Zandhoek 14,
1013 KT Amsterdam.
Tel: 020 - 623 3883
Fax: 020 - 625 7317

Wot, no numbers? (Here's a question; complete the following advertising slogan: "What we want is . . . . .") I have some dead good ones, but I'm saving them for tomorrow. Rationing is essential. Without it, I'll never get any research done. A clue: I'll be using a German source. One where the numbers are like a football crowd: great in number, unpredictable and all wearing red. The anology sort of collapsed at the end there. But this is only a blog, so what does it matter?

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Tomorrow.

. . . . . Or the day after, if I change my mind.

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