Thursday, 26 July 2007


I'm off the Annafest. It's so exciting. Three more days and I'll be there.

Not of much interest to you, I know. I'm not telling you to show off. Just to explain why I won't be posting for a while. Without a computer, it doesn't really work. I considered using carrier pegeons, but they crap everywhere.

See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Gday Ron, I just stumbled across your blog (turns out BeerAdvocate isn't as useless as I thought) and thought I'd say hi. There's some really good stuff here.

Anyway I'd be interested to hear what's hot and what's not in Forchheim, Bamberg and surrounds because I'll be there in a few weeks. Can't wait.

And I just bottled my version of the 1862 (I think?) TT Porter. It seems pretty good, though for some reason I always end up using yeasts I don't really like for these beers. Anyway... I've got a bottle to bring you.


Ron Pattinson said...


I'll be posting over the next few days about my trip. We went to some wonderful places. Unfortunately, most of the best ones - Will, Hofmann, Josef Schneider, Aichinger - are in the middle of nowhere. I suspect without transport they are virtualy impossible to get to.

Having said that, both Hebendanz and Neder in Forchheim had excellent beer, served directly from a barrel on the bar.

I'm looking forward very much to trying your TT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.

Neder is definitely on the radar but I wasn't sure about Hebendanz.

Will seems possible because I was already planning on getting out to Würgau, but I'll have to miss the others I think.