Wednesday, 13 April 2022

West Coast trip this summer

With the kids. Who are now both of legal drinking age. Which is going to make things a whole lot more fun. While being heavy on my wallet.

To try and lighten the load a little, I'll be available to give talks, throw a few hops in a brew, sign books. Anything you fancy, really.

This is our schedule:

Tuesday 26th July and Wednesday 27th July: Portland
Thursday 28th July to Saturday 30th July: Los Angeles
Sunday 31st July to Tuesday 2nd Aug: San Diego
Wednesday 3rd Aug to Friday 5th Aug: Vancouver 

Get in touch if you'd like me to drop by. I'm sure the kids won't mind. They're getting a free holiday, after all.

We kick off in Seattle, where on Sunday 24rd July, I'll be at Foggy Noggin. The theme is one of my obsessions.


Flying Goose said...

Heading to Seattle and Bend, Oregon myself in June/July. Looking forward to trying some good beers.

Paddy MeBoy said...

I want to fly out for hop harvest this year.

Unknown said...

Oh! I'll try to catch you in Seattle then.