Monday, 11 April 2022

Butcher's Tears Pivo Festival

A couple of times a year, Butcher's Tears is home to a beer festival. There's the Franconian Anstich Festival, featuring gravity-served Lager. And the Pivo Festival, with Czech Lager. I really enjoy both.

Now the Berlin Beer Festival is no more, I get very few opportunities to drink good Czech Lager. Fuck all, really. Which is pretty annoying. I'd much rather get stuck into half litres of good drinking beer than piss around with thimbles of sludge.

It's also a day out for the family. Though Alexei took a bit of persuading. He kept insisting he had studying to do. Where is his sense of priorities? Obviously, drinking Czech beer takes preference. Especially as he wasn't paying for it.

I went for amber or dark beers. Dolores and the kids for the pale ones. The selection of both was pretty good. I made sure that I got some of the Fleku 13º, having missed out last year. It's still as good as ever. Though the Cernokostolecky 13º was its equal. The Vinoharadske amber 13º was another cracker.

No detailed report, as I've a nice lump of pork to roast. I will leave you with some photos. As you'll see, it got pretty damn crowded.


Phil said...

Tough choice. I'd go for a dark or amber for flavour, but there's nothing quite like a svetly lezak for sheer throw-itself-down-your-throat drinkability. Mmm, Czech beer...

A Brew Rat said...

Dang, that looks really really good. I would kill to attend such an event. Czech lager is probably my favorite.

Looks like the only thing missing were shots of Becherovka.

Craig G said...

The Berlin Beer Festival is supposedly coming back this year, barring some crazy stuff, e.g. the sequel to COVID or Putin invading more of Europe.