Sunday, 10 April 2022

Cartagena breakfasts (part two)

After a couple of days of breakfast disappointments, we decided to try another new place.

As with many restaurants we visited early doors, it was deserted. Almost. One table was occupied by a group of men. One of whom was so load, that he literally made me jump. And hurt my ears. While being right over the other side of the room. And me having my back towards him. I was so glad when they fucked off and I could eat my breakfast in peace.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I was delighted to see fried eggs on the menu. But worried they’d come hard fried again. That would be such a downer. I tried to make clear I wanted the yolks runny when I ordered.

“Huevos fritos. Liquido, por favor.”

See how fluent I am in Spanish. Almost like a native. At least the waitress understood, as two beautifully fried eggs arrive a little later. I’m so happy. Even though they’re served with nothing other than toast.

I didn’t have a beer to wash it down for a change, instead having a coffee. Mikey, made of stronger stuff than me, stuck with Club Colombia. What a hero.

No breakfast the next day. I was feeling as sick as a dog. I didn’t leave my room all day. And ate nothing save a couple of bananas.

Luckily, it only lasted a day. I awoke the following day with quite a hunger. Time for another new breakfast location. Quite a posh looking place where the staff outnumbered customers by three to one.

Scrambled eggs with ham, I order. And a coffee. I’m such a wimp. It was already 9:30 and there I am drinking something alcohol-free. Mikey, true to tradition, stuck with Club Colombia.

After ordering, I notice that they did fried eggs. Damn. The scrambled eggs are pretty nice, with loads of really tasty ham. But I do like fried eggs for my breakfast. Maybe we needed to return here.

Which is exactly what we did. There’s something on the menu called an American breakfast. I quite fancy that. But it comes with scrambled eggs. I order it and ask if I can have fried eggs. No problemo. “Liquido, por favor.” It worked last time. Let’s see what happens here.

Finally, three-quarters of the way into my stay, I get something like the breakfast I was after. I’m so happy. My breakfast looked happy, too.

I was so pleased, I went back the next day.

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