Tuesday 17 December 2019

Eight tons of nuts

Random Christmas stuff from the 1940s.


CAIRO, Friday.
Eight tons of nuts sounds an enormous amount, but N.A.A.F.I. assure me they will all be eaten by Boxing Day.

Forward troops of the Eighth Army have hearty appetites, especially when bully is not in the meal.

To complete the treat for them are 30,000 pounds of Christmas pudding, and 20,000 pounds of Christmas cake.

You can imagine your friends eating their dinner by moonlight dirty and happy, wearing the scarves you have knitted, because it will be cold, singing carols, and drinking your health.

A senior officer told me this morning "We shall take up as much beer as transport permits to the forward troops.”

That part of the Eighth Army which is beyond the Egyptian frontier will have 28,000,000 cigarettes, 250,000 bars of chocolate, 30,000 tins of pickles and jams, and 100,000 tins of meat. The troops will eat 30,000 pounds of turkey, 15,000 pounds of other poultry, and 30,000 tons of pork.
Newcastle Journal - Saturday 19 December 1942, page 4.
"As much beer as transport permits" Hopefully that was a shitload.

Oh no - a beer shortage in Nottinghamshire. Thankfully before I was born. Or lived in Nottinghamshire.

"Nottingham Christmas Beer Supplies
Spreading out the beer supplier will offer a problem to the local licensed victuallers during the Christmas holidays, but the Nottingham and Notts. Association are recommending their members to allocate resources so that they can be sure of opening for some part of each session from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive in Christmas week. conveying this decision to the "Post" to day, Mr. A. W. Martin, chairman of the Licensed Victuallers’ Association, said they hoped that those who might have enough beer to open for other periods than the five days of the Christmas break would do so.

Supplies would not, of course, be adequate to meet all the public demand but it seemed possible that things would be little easier."
Nottingham Evening Post - Tuesday 16 December 1947, page 1.

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28 million fags ! Probably all gone by boxing day as well.