Wednesday 25 December 2019

Drinkalongathon 2019 - red wine and sausage roll


Sorry for the delay. Been busy with cooking duties. Excellent sausage roll from Dolores to fill in the gap.

The red wine is wine and the sausage roll sausagey. I'm really crap at this review stuff. But the duck is done and the spuds are roasting. Happy days.

Good news: Alexei wasn't keen on his gin and tonic. More gin for mum and dad.

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Anonymous said...

It's morning in the US of A, meaning only coffee right now, although that sherry looks tempting. If only there was some sherry in the house. Should have put that on my Christmas list.

I was, however, cutting up string just this morning for a last couple of gifts. Cabbage, to be precise, It's a long story,