Wednesday 25 December 2019

Drinkalongathon 2019 - Bowmore Legend and Top of the Pops


Apologies for the slow start. The kids were late getting up. That's my excuse.

And apologies for the lack of Lagavullin. Have you seen how much that stuff costs nowadays? The cheapest bottle was over 60 euros. The Bowmore cost half that. And is full of smoky goodness.

That smokiness complements perfectly the bablity of Top of the Pops. I see they only have female presentors now, I wonder why that is?

How weird is that? They're playing I love Sausage Rolls just as Dolores is making some.


swigging-pig said...

Oooh not had the Bowmore Legend, but I'll join you with a Bowmore No1.

Cheers from the UK

Chris Pickles said...

I notice Lagavulin has gone from 16 years to 8 years. Still over $100 (Australian) though. I passed.