Monday, 29 May 2017

The most awesomely unexpected labels ever

Not really. Just a random collection of stuff. Apologies for the artifice.

Blame my family. And the fact I quite like them. Spending time with them is fun. Whatever they might think.  If I want the kids to remember who I am, best I don't spend every minute at home chained to my computer.

Drinking another floor beer. Makes me feel good in so many ways. The obvious one, plus helping tidy the house.

As you can see, I'm pretty eclectic in my taste, drinking both old school and new school beer. And why not? I even drink some Heineken products. Why? Because I like them, simple as that. I've lost pretty much any snobbiness I have had about beer. I'll even drink evil keg, if I have to.

I love it the way a couple of the kabels specifically say "craft beer". Whatever that might actually mean. Probably just that it's double the price of an "ordinary" beer.

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Lee said...

Love (not!) The bad grammar on the Kees IPA.