Friday, 12 May 2017

Minneapolis again

This is all so confusing. I can do what the hell I want today. Just need to find a late breakfast location.

Checking on Google Maps, I find a possibility within easy walking distance: Freehouse. Breakfast to beer* is their slogan. Where else could I be heading for my breakfast? Not that it’s all that early. This is my free day. I could get up when the fuck I wanted. And that wasn’t so early.

I really can do with a relaxing day. I’ve spoken four days in a row. It’s hard for me to believe this, but I’m starting to get fed up with heating myself talk.

Freehouse is an easy walk from my hotel. In an area where old warehouses have been invaded by restaurants and bars. And hotels, like where I’m staying. The very stylish Hewing Hotel**. Really nice.

Minneapolis doesn’t seem too effed up. Which isn’t something you can say of all US cities. I can’t recall seeing any derelict buildings yet.

As always, I move my lardy arse as close to the bar as I can, while squeezing my lardy gut against the counter.

“Can I get the beer menu as well, please?” I ask, after ordering my usual plate of fried artery-cloggers.


We’ll they did coin the slogan “breakfast to beer”. What did they expect me to do? Drink water?

All around smartly-dressed people are breakfasting . . . while going tippy, tappy, tip on their laptops. Honestly. Doesn’t even breakfast get time for itself anymore?

IPA, 6.3% ABV
What about my beer? Well, it’s IPA-ey. Lots of that tropical shit going on. It’s fine for breakfast.

Bock, 6.8% ABV
It’s a lovely clear mahogany colour. Smells malty and roasty. Quite smooth, but I’m not sure the roast fits with the style. It’s a reasonable enough beer, mind.

I write my beer notes with the weird square pencil that was in my room. I must remember to buy a pen – I’ve manged to lose the one I brought – next time I have chance.

I notice there’s a liquor store a block from my hotel and drop by to pick up a few beers for my planned afternoon of doing bugger all while watching baseball on TV. I only really want three or four beers. But they aren’t selling singles. My best option is a mixed sixer, despite it being more beer than I need.

Kristen collects me at 16:30. But pretty soon has to drop me again, after we drop by his house for a little. He’s taking his son to football practice. And drops me in a pub (The Happy Gnome) for a while. I’ve no problem with that. As long as I’m in a pub, I’m fine. Doesn’t matter how crap the beer is, or how deafening the music, I’m fine in any pub that isn’t totally populated by psychos. Half psychos is fine, but I draw the line at 75%.

I pour myself into a bar stool. One of the few empty ones. I’m there for a while. But after a while I get chatting with the nice couple (about my age) sitting next to me at the bar.

I start off with Steel Toe Dissent, a 7% ABV black beer. It’s rather nice. But I try something different next, a Batch 300 from Fulton. Also 7% ABV, but this time an IPA. Both beers are from Minnesota breweries.

Not wanting to get too plastered before I’ve even had dinner, I switch to something lower alcohol. A Steel Toe Size 4, which is a session IPA of just 4.4% ABV. What am I becoming? Someone sensible, perhaps.

Kristen still has his son in tow when he returns. All three of us make our way to Surly. I’ve heard of them. Good name, not tried their beer yet, as far as I can recall.

The place is massive. But also very full. Things aren’t looking good. Don’t think we’re going to be eating here.

Things are becoming a bit hazy. Maybe I shouldn’t have had those afternoon Imperial Stouts. We go somewhere else for dinner. Town Hall Brewery, I believe.  Everything’s getting rather vague.

Another travel day tomorrow. Hopefully not too tiring.

* Somehow I managed to remember this as “Where breakfast and beer meet”. “That’s called Nelson Mandela Syndrome, dad.” Alexei tells me. “Remembering false stuff.”

** I paid for my room, in case you’re wondering. But it is a really nice hotel.

The Freehouse
701 N. Washington Ave., Ste 101
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: 612 339 7011

The Happy Gnome
498 Selby Ave,
St Paul,
MN 55102.
Tel: +1 651-287-2018

Surly Brewing Company
520 Malcolm Ave SE,
MN 55414.
Tel: +1 763-999-4040

Town Hall Brewery
1430 S Washington Ave,
MN 55454.
Hours: Open today · 11AM–1AM · See more hours
Tel: +1 612-339-8696

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