Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dresden again

dresden was the first place in the DDR I ever visited. On a trip that started in Czechoslovakia then slipped over the border.

I wasn't impressed. After a few days in the beery heaven of Prague, Dresden was more like a wasteland. The city centre didn't seem to have any pubs. In depseration, me and Matt jumped onto tram in search of somewhere for a beer. Eventually we spotted a building with "Gaststätte" on it. We quickly jumped off and were rewarded with draught beer.

I wasn't that impressed with the city, either. A cityscape with all the grace and charm of past-war Birmingham.

Not sure about Feldschlösschen's logo. Don't think you could use that today.


Anonymous said...

The dubious-looking mascot is something to do with sealing the insides of the barrels with pitch apparently, and still visible on their website even if it is in the 'history' section: http://www.feldschloesschen.de/en/company/pichmaennel/

Anonymous said...

Regarding questionable labels (and names). Are you familiar with Mohren Brauerei Voralberg (Austria)?

Elektrolurch said...

you will still find labels like the Feldschlössen ones in bavaria and austria, and those beers/breweries even have names that match the label...:

Anonymous said...

What's wrong advertising with an underaged alcoholic (Pichel Männel)?