Sunday 14 May 2017

Dresden yet again

After we got back into the city centre, we looked in vain for somewhere else to drink.

We soon gave up and resorted to the hotel bar. It's difficult to describe the atmosphere of an Interhotel bar to someone who never esperienced it. A bit like a 1960's estate pub, but without the charm. This particular one only sold bottled beer.

Obviously, being an Interhotel, it didn't sell just any old stuff. Oh no. It had the DDR's posh export beer: Wernesgrüner Pilsner. It might not have been the perfect circumstances for my first taste of the beer. After several days drowning myself from the inside out with top-class Czech Lager, Wernesgrüner was a big disappointment. I wasn't impressed.

I've had it once or twice since. And I'm still not impressed. Give me some of the DDR-period Thuringian beer any day of the week. Far better stuff, most of it. Despite not being all-malt like Wernesgrüne. Just goes to show what a false sign of qualityan all-malt grist is.

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