Thursday, 18 May 2017


As I promised myself, I rise fairly late. After a good, long, deep sleep. It’s done me a power of good.

While I’m in the bathroom I hear a crash. The light next to the door has fallen down. I’m glad I wasn’t standing underneath it at the time.

Having spotted a Rock Bottom brewpub just past that huge column, I trawl along there about noon. I’m not meeting Rick until 2 PM.

On the way, I take a good look at the monument. It commemorates Indiana citizens who fought in a whole series of wars, some obscure and some of which I haven’t heard of. Most interesting is what isn’t represented: WW I and WW II. I suspect the reason was that there was no space left.

They might not offer the most exciting beers in the world, but Rock Bottom brewpubs are pretty reliable, not stupidly priced and have OK food. Good enough for me. Especially as I plan on having a late breakfast here.

Mm. Don’t really fancy any of the food for breakfast. I’ll just have a double bourbon instead. Almost as nourishing as a fry up. I’m sure I’ll be eating with Rick soon, anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

The footie is on the telly. And the Arses are getting whipped. Teehee.

Rick picks me up as arranged at 2 PM. Our first stop is at Daredevil. Which is out by the speedway. Which we go and take a quick look at.

The speedway is dead impressive. Mile-long stands, it looks like. Unfortunately, it’s pissing it down again. I’m not getting out to take snaps. You’ll have to look it up on the internet. I’m sure it has way better photos than I can take in this gloomy weather.

Daredevil is a cavernous modern space. Brewery one side, taproom the other. It’s a pretty standard layout. That I’m seeing copied a lot in Europe.

We chat with Michael Pearson, head brewer and founder, and drink a couple of beers.

Before leaving, I’m given a couple of cans. That’s a relief. I dare put these fuckers in my luggage. My faith in crown corks has been broken. And I’m sure those cans will come in handy, sometime*. When I don’t fancy lugging a bottle along,

Next stop is Sun King. Who are fairly well-known, I hear, over here.

The weather hasn’t improved. But the colourful muriel lifts my mood. Though really it’s my stomach that needs lifting. I really should have had some breakfast. Still, what’s the worst that could happen?

Excuse me if my brewery descriptions are turning to total crap. I’ve seen so many. Adored my reflection in so much stainless. I’m getting breweries out.

A brewers shows us around. But I’m feeling a little vague. We have eaten haven’t we? I fear not. Still, these beers aren’t that strong, are they?

Why am I lying on my bed fully clothed? Must have nodded off. I blame low blood sugar.

In the lobby I find an almost inedibly dry sandwich and a bag of crisps. Almost inedible. I manage to force it down.

At least they’ve fixed the busted light while I was out.

Where was it I had breakfast again?

* They do, indeed, come in handy.

Rock Bottom
10 W Washington St,
IN 46204.
Tel: +1 317-681-8180

Daredevil Brewing
1151 N Main St,
IN 46224.

Sun King Brewing
135 N College Ave,
IN 46202.
Tel: +1 317-602-3702

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Matt said...

Germany has some pretty interesting war memorials too: the small one between the station and town centre in Forchheim dedicated to those who fell in the Franco-Prussian War and the much larger one opposite the brewery tap in Aying which has a whole side taken up by German POW's from the area who died in Russian captivity between the German Army's rout at Stalingrad in 1942 and the early 1950's when the last, and very few, survivors from it were released following Stalin's death.

David said...

Interesting - in that first Sun King photo - to see the price difference between "Beer For Here" and "Growler Fills To Go". Can't quite read the cents figures but it looks like roughly half-price for take outs. Is that typical in the US?

A Brew Rat said...

Yes. growler fills in the US are always cheaper than pints in the pub. Is it not the case in Europe?

David said...

Brew Rat, Providing growler fills isn't common in the UK. Those that do offer take-outs charge the same, I believe. And that's probably why it's so uncommon - because Joe public sees it's a rip-off compared to what he can get from supermarket. Can't help feeling that UK pubs, by not offering a fairer deal, are missing out on a lot of potential extra business.

Anonymous said...

Price may depend on the state in the US. I get no discount for growler fills. In fact, sometimes it's more expensive per pint to fill a growler than to order the equivalent pints, especially during happy hour.