Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Let’s Brew Wednesday - 1839 Barclay Perkins XX Ale

Another Mild for May. This time a lightly beefier one from the 1830’s.

It’s as uncomplicated as an early 19th-century recipe can be. The original only had two ingredients (other than yeast and water): Herts white malt and MK hops. So not only two ingredients, but also ones that were relatively locally-sourced. This would be the case for much longer. After 1840 foreign hops and foreign barley were imported in increasingly large quantities. The UK wouldn’t be self-sufficient in brewing materials again until the 1940’s.

I’ve actually reduced the hopping a little – it actually worked out to 9 oz. in total. But as they were all from the 1838 harvest and this beer was brewed in September 1839, it seems logical to knock it down a bit to take into account their age.

Probably not most people’s idea of a Mild: pale, 9.5% ABV and 90 IBU. It just shows how much a style can change over time.

1839 Barclay Perkins XX Ale
pale malt 19.75 lb 100.00%
Goldings 150 mins 2.75 oz
Goldings 90 mins 2.75 oz
Goldings 30 mins 2.75 oz
OG 1087.3
FG 1015.5
ABV 9.50
Apparent attenuation 82.25%
IBU 90
Mash at 149º F
Sparge at 168º F
Boil time 150 minutes
pitching temp 58º F
Yeast Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale


Phil said...

A simple recipe without anything exotic to it, but pale and 9%. I'm struggling to imagine what this would have tasted like. Something like Duvel?

Ron Pattinson said...


probably a lot more underlying residual sweetness than in Duvel. Though I don't need to imagine as I've drunk a beer with a similar recipe - Pretty Things 1832 XXXX Ale.

Sergeant Stogie said...

The label shows Double Brown Ale. Is this meant to go with this recipe?