Wednesday 5 April 2017

Never trust someone who doesn't drink

I had to share this little gem on the character to teetotallers. It made me smile.

"DR. Burn on THE TEETOTALLERS.—Before concluding this paper I will briefly allude to the principles of total abstinence. Doubtless they, and their advocates have, in their time, done much good; still I cannot believe that their application is altogether unaccompanied with evil. Their votaries eschew drinking alcohol, but they find their grog — as it is vulgarly expressed — in doing other things which are not always innoccuous to society, Thus I have often observed that some teetotallers are great scandalmongers ; that others in virtue of the abstinence which they practise are vain of and ostentatious about their superior goodness; and others, again, are excessively libidinous — pickpockets are so, and they are exceedingly temperate. I have found natural teetotallers as a whole to be selfish, uncharitable, and badly qualified for the offices of friendship. But there are various classes of them, and the majority are teetotallers only in name; for when they are not great smokers, they are, most probably, great tea-drinkers, great swillers of ginger-beer, or great gluttons. I hope to live to see Great Britain more temperate than at present, but never teetotal. It we possess a faculty which discovers and appreciates alcoholic beverages, and other stimulating substances, it is but right that it should be temperately exercised.—Physiological Essays."
"Brewers' Guardian, vol. 1, 1869", July 1871, page 316.

It doesn't really need much comment, does it? Never trust someone who doesn't drink.


Mike said...


I'm going down to the local stone tablet shop and having this chiseled in. Said tablets will be prominently displayed, somewhere.


Mike Siegel

Doug Warren said...

Donald Trump is a teetotaler.