Saturday, 8 April 2017

Macbeth in the Midwest

Just a couple of weeks to go until my next my next knackering trail around the US trying to flog books.

Though before getting the chance to do that you'll have to listen to me drone on about Scottish brewing for an hour or so. (That's if I've trimmed the talk down enough. At the trial runs in Macclesfield and Manchester it lasted three hours). And get to drink historic Scottish beers. What could be more fun?

This is my schedule:

Friday 21st April    Holland, MI
Saturday 22nd    Holland, MI
Sunday 23rd    Hillsdale, MI
Monday 24th    Minneapolis
Tuesday 25th    Minneapolis
Wednesday 26th    Minneapolis
Thursday 27th    St. Louis
Friday 28th    St. Louis
Saturday 29th    Indianapolis
Sunday 30th    Indianapolis
Monday 1st May    Chicago

There will be at least one event in every city I visit.

Buy my new Scottish book.

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