Friday 28 April 2017

Jena station buffet

Another lazy post, with a flimsy personal connection.

I wish I'd taken more photos. In my DDR hanging around time. I was a total idiot. Captured fuck all photographically.

Jena station buffet. A HO job.

Jena was a town I knew from the footy team. One of the few DDR town names to drift into western consciousness.

Jena is in Thüringen, the home ground of Dolores. Not so odd we needed to change trains there, once. Or nipped into the station buffet.

A HO job. But decent. Reminded me of Stayleybridge.

It sold Jena beer.



Rob Sterowski said...

I wish I'd taken more photos too on my first trips. The little rows of cafes that used to be either side of Brussels Midi. All gone.

qq said...

Jena's known for more than just the footy team, Carl-Zeiss-Jena and the last time that France beat the Germans in a straight fight also figure.