Friday 10 February 2017

William Younger Strong Ale grists 1922 - 1939

More cheating with a table from my hopefully soon-to-be-finished Scottish book.

Part of my writing process is gluing together tables. All sorts of numbers. Luckily most I've already tamed and coralled into spreadsheets. This lot required catching first as well.

I've been bum-bitten big bananas this past week by earlier lazy-arsing. When I didn't bother sweeping up every grain from the theshing floor. In my defence, some photos are pretty blurry.

I'm so glad I've seen records from other Scottish brewers. Because William younger were as  unusual as a Glaswegian fan of the England football team. If I relied totally on them, I'd have a false impression of Scottish brewing. And a weirdly false one. As you'll see.

See those grits percentages of around 30%? They aren't typical of Younger's beers. Most had more like 40%. At the same time as piling in the grits, Younger mostly laid off sugar. If you buy my book, you'll see how differently other breweries did things.

Talking of my new book, I just knocked off the section on Mild Ale 1914 to 1920. And added to the bit on Pale Ale for the same years. I hope it isn't getting out of hand. I keep thhinking of new stuff to add.

I need to go for my walk. So here's Younger's comedy grists:

William Younger Strong Ale grists 1922 - 1939
Year Beer OG pale malt crystal malt MA malt grits lactose
1922 1 1082 69.70% 30.30%
1922 3 1053.5 69.86% 30.14%
1929 1 1087 69.70% 30.30%
1929 3 1054.5 68.28% 31.72%
1933 1 1085.0 67.35% 28.57% 4.08%
1933 3 1055.0 67.44% 32.56%
1933 3 pale 1055.0 65.85% 34.15%
1939 1 1084.0 74.29% 5.71% 2.86% 13.33% 3.81%
1939 3 1053.0 88.73% 11.27%
William Younger brewing records held at the Scottish Brewing Archive, document numbers WY/6/1/2/63, WY/6/1/2/68, WY/6/1/2/70 and WY/6/1/2/76.

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