Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Braugold, Erfurt

With the end in sight for my Scottish book, there's not much time for writing blog posts. A sane man would stop posting every day. Draw your own conclusions.

It's frustrating because, without external interference, the book would be done by now. And annoying filling in the last few bits. The good news is that I've only post-WW II boiling and Scotch Ale. Shouldn't take more than a day or two.

An tired and tested way of banging out a post is to resort to DDR labels. If nothing else they look pretty. Prettier than my words, if I'm honest.

I really rated Braugold back in the Happy Days. Angerbräu was pretty damn good, nice and bitter. And a decent draught Pils I remember drinking in a pub opposite the cathedrals in Erfurt itself. With my Mum, brother and various other members of our wedding party. My brother's friend Eddie got separated from us when he was distracted by a group of Russian soldiers.

Love the blood splatter on the last label.

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Elektrolurch said...

I loved the Braugold beers when they were still brewed there, they had a lovely Spezial...so sad that they closed so recently..
I only can imagine how good there beers where in the 1980ies, i mean they were pretty solid from 2005-2008...