Thursday 23 February 2017

Eisenacher Brauerei

Pretty much done, my new Scottish book. You won't have to put up with flimsy posts like this for much longer.

Though I do have to write all those talks I'm meant to be giving in April and May. That might take up a little of my time.

I say just about done. The main text is complete, A few more detailed recipes need to be written. Not a huge number. And I have to drop in all the brief recipes. There are a couple of hundred of those. I still need to write some Drybrough and Maclay recipes, too. I'm still aiming for the end of the month for it to be ready for the printer.

Back to the putative them of this: Eisenacher Brauerei.

I drank a stack of beer from them. For the simple reason that Dolores lived there with her mum. And pretty much all the pubs in town sold their beer. It was by no means my favourite. The Helles had a shelf-life shorter than the walk home from the shop. The Pils was a bit sturdier, but not much. But I'm the forgiving type.

Eisenacher was also our wedding beer. We got through two kegs of it before the happy day. Blame my side of the wedding party. Small in number, but big in thirst.

The brewery is still going, according to Dolores, who was there last week. Odd it should have survived when breweries with better beer have disappeared.


InSearchOfKnowledge said...

Good enough is the enemy of better!

Murderface said...

The Bock and Pils may be the best beer label graphics I've ever seen. Those lines!