Thursday, 11 September 2014

Northwest trip all set up

At least my travel arrangements are: flights, hotels, trains. This is my schedule:

7th – 8th November: Seattle
9th – 10th November: Denver
11th – 12th November: Portland
13th – 14th November: Vancouver
15th November: Seattle

Obviously the point of the trip is showcase the Ron Pattinson brand and too trick people into buying my book (which is brilliant, after all).

So far, I've five events planned, one each in Denver, Portland and Vancouver and two in Seattle. I'll let you know more details once everything is finalised.

If you live in one of those cities and fancy leading an overweight Englishman with an unhealthy interest in beer around some pubs, get in touch.

If you don't, then buy my book. Reading it is almost like having me drone on at you in person.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer.

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