Monday, 29 September 2014

15% off my Lulu print books

until the end of today (29th September) with this code:


Why not take advantage to invest in one of my luxury hardback editions.

Barclay Perkins Bookstore

This code may only work in the US Lulu bookstore.

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J. Karanka said...

Hi Ron, the messaging thingy didn't seem to work

"Hi Ron

Not sure if you've tried the 1952 Whitbread ES from Porter! It's very smooth and drinkable stuff. I'll put it to the test this Saturday when I have a BBQ.

Very hard to describe balanced beers, really. Somewhat bitter, quite dry, some cocoa and quite a bit of light coffee, a tad of caramel and dark fruits (interesting with the dry finish) and just about some citrusy hop in there.

If people drink 10 litres of it and you're interested I'll send you a bottle.