Monday, 9 June 2014

Toronto airport

I'm stuck hanging around in Toronto airport for a delayed flight. And annoyingly they don't sell any booze until 11:00.. Should I be thankful that my flight is so late that time has now passed?

It's all very high tech. There's an iPad at very seat from which you can order without having to catch a waitress's eye. You can also use the iPad for other things. Like writing blog posts.

I'm having a Wellington Imperial Russian Stout. Canned, but pleasant enough. And a double Maker's Mark.

I wouldn't want the Stout to feel lonely, would I?

The delay means that I'll be late for my afternoon appointment in Chicago. I would tell you what it was, but the project is in a very early stage. Another of the 5 drillion projects I have in some phase of development. Like my book on malting, which might have been out by now, had I not been off gallivanting again.

I had some pretty decent beers in Toronto, most of whose names I can't remember. Cask caknucklehead is one I can recall. Excellent stuff, of which I drank several pints.

My reading matter is Brew Britannia. Been pretty good so far. And strangely unnerving when it describes events, such as the first big CAMRA festival in Coventry Garden, which I attended. Am I now part of history?


Gary Gillman said...

They've Wellington Russian Stout at the airport? Times have changed.


Ron Pattinson said...


not a bad beer at all. I was pleased to find it.

Anonymous said...

Nothin' wrong with cans. They're opaque, provide as good a seal as a bottle, and weigh less than bottles which means less fuel is burned to transport them. I don't like drinking from a can, but then again I'm not particularly happy about drinking from a bottle either.