Sunday, 15 December 2013


Would you believe this? I've only just realised that Newark is an anagram of wanker. Amzing, seeing as I went to school in the town.

Been feeling another possible book coming on. You may have noticed I've been annoying you with lots of stuff about brewing in Newark. There will doubtless come a point when I've enough material for a small book. Though it will have rather niche appeal. But that's the great thing about self-publishing through Lulu - it doesn't matter how small sales are, books are still the same price.

I've been a bit lazy this year. I've only released four books. If you've been counting, you may think: "What's the fourth book?" Because it isn't generally available. A little thing called Xmas! that's for my family only.

I know I've at least one reader who would be interested in a book about Newark brewing. You know who I mean, John.

It's been an odd experience learning more about the brewers and breweries of Newark. And the important role they palyed in the town, both economically and politically. By the time I moved to the town the latter had gone. But there were still two substantial breweries in the town and - when combined with malting - brewing was still of great economic value.

Why is there no brewery in Newark today?* It makes no sense, at a time when there are more breweries in the UK than any time since the early 1930's:

UK breweries
year no. breweries
1920 2914
1927 1722
1930 1418
1932 1286
1934 1197
1935 1144
1936 1103
1937 1027
1938 946
1939 885
1940 840
1941 810
1942 798
1943 757
1944 741
1945 708
BBPA Statistical Handbook 2003, p. 92
Brewers' Almanack 1955 p.68

Is there any other town in Britain with as rich a brewing history as Newark currently without a brewery?

Newark does have a brewery.

Newark Brewery
77 William Street
NG24 1QU
Tel: 07876575437 or 07967742858


Ed said...

That's a shocking oversight on your part Ron, but a great name for a book!

Anonymous said...

Ron Pattinson said...


I hadn't heard of them.

Interesting, it's just around the corner from the Horse and Jockey, which used to have a brewery in the 19th century.

Bill said...

ABV for the IPA seems a little low.

Ducks for cover