Monday, 9 December 2013

New books

Time to gently remind you that I've two new books out.

The first is Yule Logs, my seasonal book, only availabe in December. Totally different from last year's.

Buy it while you can.
The second is Strong!, the final book in my Mega Book series. Between then they cover all four British beer styles: Porter, Mild, Bitter and Strong Ales of all descriptions.

Buy Strong! now!


Nico said...

Glad to see Strong! is finished! I love strong beers and I'm excited to read it. However, I've never read your books before and I was wondering, are there any recipes in Strong? I'd really like to brew some historical beers.

Ron Pattinson said...


no recipes in this version, I'm afraid.

Unknown said...

Ron, any chance of a Plus or extended version in the future? Can't wait to complete the set!

Nico said...


Ron Pattinson said...


probably. When I have the time to sit down and write all the recipes.