Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Something festive. I'll write a post with a festive theme. That's what I thought. So here it is: the price and strength of draught beer in a London public bar 1926 to 1953.

I can guess what you're thinking. "Just what I need to get me through christmas day - details about draught beer several decades before I was born." (Or is it "What sort of lonely loser posts to his blog on christmas morning?" ) I like to think that I'm diligent.

Getting, for a minute, into the spirit of the season, any guesses what Santa brought me? No, not beer, but you're close. Beer books, that's right.

"Arthur's Round" by Patrick Guinness. Martyn Cornell gave it a great review. That's enough for me. Then there's my Guinness obsession.

"2000 Biere: Der endgültige Atlas für die Ganze Bierwelt" by Michael Rudolf.

"Altbier im Alltag" by Genno Fonk. I've wanted to learn more about the history of Alt for ages. It surprising - especially when compared with the mass of literature on Kölsch - how little has been written about Alt. Guess what I'll be posting about in the New Year?


Stonch said...

How many St Bernardus Abt 12s are you going to booze today Ron?

Ron Pattinson said...

I've only got six bottles. (Ton Overmars has it as beers of the month - 6 bottles for 8 euros.)

Dolores did buy a bottle of single malt. I shouldn't go thirsty.

How many Abts will you be drinking?

Ron Pattinson said...

How many of you are netting the intersurf today? I'd love to know. Just post a short response here.

I'm having a little bet with myself about how many of you will react today.

Stonch said...

Ron, I only have one bottle of St Bernardus Abt. I had two, but you drank one of them! I will be drinking some of that jenever as a digestif after lunch though! It's good stuff.

David said...

"What sort of lonely loser posts to his blog on christmas morning?"

I like to think of it as sharing your holiday with others. :-)

John Clarke said...

Just passing through - festive greetings Ron. Must go, a bottle of Westvleteren Abt awaits...

Boak said...

If you could manage to get everything there is to know about Alt posted in the next couple of weeks, that'd be great. Me & Bailey are going to Dusseldorf in the new year.

Ron Pattinson said...

Boak, I'm not sure how quickly I'll get through the book. If you haven't noticed, I have a small pub guide to Dusseldorf:


An hour in the taproom of Uerige should tell you everything you need to know about Alt.