Wednesday 29 May 2024

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1932 Youngs X Ale

Here's yet another Mild recipe for you lucky devils. That's three already this month.

Parti-gyled with Ale was the stronger X Ale. Which looks like it was a 5d per pint beer. One of the most popular types of beer.

Unlike some other London brewers, such as Barclay Perkins and Fullers, Young didn’t brew a 6d Mild Ale. These beers had an OG of around 1043º. It wasn’t uncommon for London brewers to have three Mild Ales, in the 4d, 5d and 6d classes. I’m not sure why Young didn’t brew a beer in the strongest class.

Obviously, the recipe is exactly the same as the Ale, except that there’s a bit more of everything.

As in the case of Ale, there might well have been colour correction at racking time. 

1932 Youngs X Ale
pale malt 1.50 lb 24.94%
mild malt 3.50 lb 58.19%
crystal malt 60 L 0.50 lb 8.31%
malt extract 0.125 lb 2.08%
No. 3 invert sugar 0.33 lb 5.49%
caramel 1000 SRM 0.06 lb 1.00%
Fuggles 105 min 1.00 oz
Fuggles 30 min 1.00 oz
OG 1034
FG 1006
ABV 3.70
Apparent attenuation 82.35%
IBU 26
SRM 13
Mash at 152º F
Sparge at 170º F
Boil time 105 minutes
pitching temp 59º F
Yeast WLP002 English Ale

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Anonymous said...

Was the 1930’s when mild as we know it emerged?