Monday 27 May 2024

Fullers vs Youngs Strong Ale processes

Another tabletastic post. Why has it been fun time on the blog recently? Because I'm travelling. Or will be when this is published. I'm in Tennessee at Little Animals in Johnson City.

At the moment, I'm bashing out blog posts to cover the 13 days that I'll be away. Only three more to go after this one. I think I can stretch out some tables to cover those.

There’s an even bigger difference in the boil times than with the Mild Ales. Being 30 minutes for the first copper and 45 minutes for the second. The Fullers beers are still pitched warmer, but it’s only a couple of degrees.

The length of fermentation is identical for all the beers: eight days. 

Fullers vs Youngs Strong Ale processes
Brewer   boil time (hours) Pitch temp max. fermentation temp length of fermentation (days)
Fullers BO 1.5 1.75 61º 71º 8
Fullers OBE 1.5 1.75 60º 71º 8
Youngs XXX 2 2.5 59º F 67º F 8
Youngs XXXX 2 2.5 59º F 70.5º F 8
Fullers brewing record held at the brewery.
Young's brewing record held at Battersea Library, document number YO/RE/1/1.

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