Friday 24 May 2024

Fullers vs Youngs Mild Ale processes in the early 1930s

Some processes next. The boil times are a little shorter at Fullers. No crazily large difference. But one all the same.

The Fullers Milds were pitched quite a bit warmer than those from Youngs. But they weren’t allowed to rise as much in temperature as at Youngs. The rise was 4º to 5º at Fullers compared with 7º to 10º at Youngs.

Fermentation time was also a couple of days shorter at Fullers. But it wasn’t just the length of fermentation that differed. The methods diverged, too. As fullers were using the dropping system. Where the fermentation started in tall round vessels and the wort was transferred after a day or so to a shallow flat vessel where the process completed. While at Youngs they just used simple open fermenters.

Fullers vs Youngs Mild Ale processes
Brewer Beer boil time (hours) Pitch temp max. fermen-tation temp length of fermen-tation (days)
Fullers X 1.5 1.75 63º F
67º F
Fullers XX 1.5 1.75 62.5º F
67.5º F
Youngs A 2 2 59º F 69º F 7
Youngs X 1.75 1.75 59º F 66º F 9
Fullers brewing record held at the brewery.
Young's brewing record held at Battersea Library, document number YO/RE/1/1.



GuillaumeCL said...

Why are there two boil times? Is this from separate beers from parti-gyle or were they boiling the same wort twice?

Ron Pattinson said...


it's the mash wort and sparge wort being boiled separately.