Wednesday 15 November 2023

Christmas gift suggestion

Or whichever end-of-year holiday you choose to celebrate. I go Nordic pagan myself. Full Jule.

A bespoke recipe for any of the year you imagine. All 367 of them.

What is my bespoke recipe service? You give me your birthday - or other significant event - and I'll put together a recipe for you that was brewed on that date.

You'll get a recipes and text much like one of my Let's Brew posts plus an image of the original brewing record so you can be sure that I'm not pulling your plonker. It's a great deal for just 25 euros.

Make your loved one fell special with a beer of their very own.

Make your birthday special - by brewing a beer originally made on that date.
For a mere 25 euros, I'll create a bespoke recipe for any day of the year you like. As well as the recipe, there's a few hundred words of text describing the beer and its historical context and an image of the original brewing record.

Just click on the button below.



Anonymous said...

Can you request what type of beer it is?

Ron Pattinson said...


you give me a date - 14th July, for example - and I'll give you a list of possibilities. Usually there will be 30 or so options, usually covering a wide range of styles and year.

Anonymous said...

Ooh excellent