Thursday 2 November 2023

Always too late

Bumped into the American woman who lives down our street.

"Did you know there's a new pub?"

"A new pub?"

"Yes, a British one. Not far away. You just have to follow our street. It's close to the Rembrandt Park."

"Cool. I'll have to give it a try."

Back at home, I dive into the interweb to search this place out. The directions were rather vague. But it's easy enough to find. There aren't that many pubs around this way.

And, bugger me, it's a pub I know. Mostly because it's directly opposite the primary school the kids attended. Yes, i did drop in there sometimes to pass the time when I "accidentally" arrived too early. What did they sell? Some keg Pils, obviously. Something better bottled. Which is what I assumed I drank. An 't Ij beer or Duvel.

It was always the same set of locals whiling away the afternoon. One old chav would turn up in his mobility scooter. Then get stuck into jenever. I can easily imagine my own future there.

I would have said: "I wish that pub had been there when my kids were at the school." But it doesn't open until 4 PM. An hour after the school's kicking out time. A shane that. I think they're missing a potential market there.

Bar Brother
Curacaostraat 95,
Amsterdam 1058 BS.

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Anonymous said...

If it had been me I think I would have had the kids kicking around a soccer ball in the school yard or on the sidewalk until the pub opened.