Tuesday 7 March 2023

Tetley cask Bitter specifications (part five)

There's quite a lot of stuff still to go through. If you find Tetley's Bitter too dull, maybe fuck off and come back in a week or so. When I should have got onto their Mild, my earliest beery love. 

I'm still in Brazil, judging away. Just hoping they put me on British styles again. Far away from all the sludge and pastry.

We're past the boil and into the immediate post-boil processes. starting with the hop sparge:

Whirlpool (Hop Back) 60 brls.
DeMarkus 85 brls.
Tetley Beer and Malt Specifications, 1985, beer page 4.

Not really sure what that means. DeMarkus, I mean. Obviously some piece of equipment. If you have an explanation, let me know. I assume this is all to do with sparging wort out of the hops.

Not totally sure about the next bit, either.

a) Added to wort To FV prior to wort: 100 brls.
b) All water sterilised by steam in heat exchanger and cooled by Brewing/Chilled water. 30 secs, at 195 - 205°F.
Tetley Beer and Malt Specifications, 1985, beer page 4.

I'm guessing that this refers to water being added to the wort before fermentation. Presumably to get the wort to the correct gravity. If you look a little further below, you'll see that the wort was collected at higher gravity than the target.

And here's what was added to the wort before it hit the fermenter:

a) Yeast - AB7/AB9 0.625 Ibs/brl. pressed yeast injected into wort main 30 mins, after start of 1st length.
b) Aeration Compressed air after cooling stage in Paraflow to give D.O. of 6 - 8 ppm.
c) Zinc as ZnS04 0.10 mg/1 into FV prior water
Tetley Beer and Malt Specifications, 1985, beer page 4.

I won't say much about the yeast, because I'll be getting to that in the next post. The aeration and zinc I imagine are for the benefit of the yeast.

Finally, details of the collection itself.

a) Temperature (°F) (°C) 63/64 (17.2 - 17.8)
b) Gravity 1036.8
(Metric) 1036.5
Tetley Beer and Malt Specifications, 1985, beer page 4.

You can see that the wort was collected at 1.3º above the target gravity. Not quite sure why they did that and then added water. Unless it was to ensure exactly hitting the target gravity.

Only one page of the Bitter specification to go. One with some dead interesting stuff.

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A Brew Rat said...

Not sure what this has to do with sparging, but google sez:

"In 1953, the Louis DeMarkus Corporation was funded in Buffalo, New York by Arnold Jacobowitz. Jacobowitz had purchased the DeMarkus form, a carbon dioxide generation unit, from Hungarian scientist Louis DeMarkus. Jacobowitz opened the Louis DeMarkus Corporation at 3080 Main Street in Buffalo. The original goal of the site was to design and produce industrial gas equipment. In 1961, the Louis DeMarkus Corporation expanded and was relocated to a 100,000-square foot manufacturing facility at 1210 East Ferry Street. The corporation expanded to manufacture gas, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide removal systems, amongst other chemical processes. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Louis DeMarkus Corporation was known for being one of the biggest industrial carbon dioxide generators of the beverage industry. In 1986, all operations ceased, and the corporation went out of business."