Thursday, 18 August 2022

Lazy Portland day

I'm up fairly early. Just after 8:00. And potter around until Lexxie gets up.

He wants to go to Denny's for breakfast. But gets voted down by me and Andrew. Neither of us is hungry yet. Instead, we work through some of our beer stock while we wait for the brewpubs in the centre of town to open.

Backwoods Brewing is where we start. It's not too crazy hot when we get there. And plonk our arses at a nice corner table.

A fairly typical taproom with a long bar, exposed brickwork and lots of wood.

We don't have much planned today. Just brewpubs. And Powell's City of Books. The kids seem quite keen on giving it a look. And it's only a couple of blocks away from Backwoods.

I kick off with an IPA. 

Logyard IPA, 6.7%, 78 IBU
Pretty classic old-school IPA. Clear and pretty bitter. Not bad.

The kids have gone for the Hinterlander Pilsner. Which they seem to like.

It being well past midday and none of us having eaten, we order food. Burger for Andrew, BLT for Lexxie and a Reuben sandwich for me. As usual, I can't finish it and ask for a box.

Time for more beer.

Off Grid IPA, 6.2% ABV, 50 IBU
A bit hazy and very different from the other IPA. It has that Izal aroma which I suppose is the Chinook. Or some other trendy hop I’m not that keen on.

Andrew has switched to IPA. He does like IPA, but often sticks with a Lager.

I'm not looking forward to the walk to Powell's. Even though it isn't far. It's not too unbearable and we're soon in the chilly embrace of the bookshop's airco.

I head for the beer section. Last time I was here they had my "proper" book. Not any more, sadly. But lots of other books. Just not the sort of ones I'm looking for. Though a strange set of volumes called Siebel Institute Personal Notes. A mix of handwritten and typed notes. All very technical stuff.  But they’re way too bulky and heavy to fit in my luggage.

I go in search of the kids. But can't see them anywhere. After a while of wandering, I spot a bench and sit down. I'm by the tils. They're bound to come past here sometime.

They don't. So, I set off in search of them again.

"There you are, Dad. We thought you'd be at the military history section."

Alexie has got some academic book about spies. But is also looking for a Japanese novel. The staff eventually point him in the right direction. He's dead pleased.

The heat hits us like a hot hammer when we exit. Fuck me it's hot.

Next destination in 10 Barrel. Which is back the way we came. But a bit further and a bit more uphill. It's an unpleasant, but thankfully quite short, stroll.

The kids race off ahead, as usual. Can’t they wait for their poor old dad? No. They fucking can’t. No regard at all for my age and radgedness.

“Could you slow down?”

“No. Could you speed up? And shut up complaining.”

We seat ourselves at a high table. And try to get the QR code-driven menu to work. I leave that to the kids. Like all the other high-tech stuff.

I order an IPA again.

Nature Calls Mountain IPA, 7.1%, 45 IBU
Very pale in colour, quite hazy, not very bitter.More modern type of IPA, I suppose. Quite refreshing.

Lexxie has a pomegranate cider, while Andrew is back on Pils.

He's very impressed with the Pils. "It tastes like a proper German Pils."

It's pretty lively considering it's the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. Though the weather is going to give you a thirst.

The brewery is crammed into a tiny area, which is almost totally filled with conicals.

"How much do you think they hold, Dad?"

"A lot more than ten barrels."

Time for something a little stronger.

All Ways Down Double IPA, 9%, 75 IBU
Clear and golden. Very bitter and citrusy. And full of alcoholy goodness.

The two women beside us are drinking Old Fashioneds. Jim made ones for us on Sunday.

"I've seen them on Sunday Brunch a lot, but never tried one." I said to the kids at the time.

"Do you fancy an Old Fashioned, kids?"

Of course, they do. We get them made with Buffalo trace. They're dead good. So good, I drink three.

After six, many more diners stream in. It's time for us to fuck off.

The Uber is a van this time. Plenty of room for three big lads like us.

More beer and baseball in the kids’ room. The Mariners pull off a late win against the Rangers again.

By 22:00 I can barely keep my eyes open and the kids keep poking me to keep me awake.

“Stop poking me.”

“Then go to your own room and sleep.”

I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Backwoods Brewing Company
1162 Wind River Hwy,
WA 98610.

Powell's City of Books
1005 W Burnside St,
OR 97209.

10 Barrel Brewing Portland
1411 NW Flanders St,
OR 97209.

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