Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Mild Ales with Andrew

When I'm in town - which is most of the time nowadays -  I usually troll on down to Butcher's Tears on a Saturday afternoon. To meet up with my mates Will and Lucas for some leisurely pints outside. 

My son Andrew mostly comes along. Not really a surprise he's keen. There's free beer on offer. He's unlikely to turn that down.

This week was a little different. Lucas was away visiting his family in London. While Will was off birdwatching in Georgia.That left just me and Andrew.

"Do you still want to come to Butcher's Tears, Andrew?"

"Of course I do."

Well, there's that settled.

I needed to drop by, anyway, to make a delivery. Dolores harvested some wild hops from her secret spot this week and had just finished drying them. Not a huge amount, maybe 200-300 grams. But enough for a small special brew made from all Amsterdam ingredients. Dolores keeps some hops for making tea and lets Butcher's Tears have the rest.

Entering the taproom, I'm pleased to see that there are two Milds of draught. I go for the stronger one, of a modest 6.4% ABV. While Andrew opts for the 6% one. You can see our pints above. Mine is the darker one. Very nice it was, too.

Drinking Mild with my son. It's been a dream of mine ever since he was born. There's something really special about sitting in a pub with your child. When they're of drinking age. It was also special when the lads were younger. Just not in a good way. Andrew tended to do a runner if I didn't keep a close eye on him. The times I've had to chase him down Nieuwe Dijk.

Sharing pints with kids is important to me. Probably because it's something I never got to do with my dad. He died when I was fourteen.  Just a few years too early.

We were just about to finish off our last beers when a couple of Andrew's university friends suddenly appear. They were going to a party in the next door building. Andrew decides to tag along with them.

"Great, I haven't had a dance in ages, Andrew."


"Only joking. I'm off home."

"Dad. Could I have some money?"

Some things never change.

Butcher's Tears
Karperweg 45,
1075 LB Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good outing and I'm glad you can get mild at a decent ABV.

Is that trash can common in having English instructions on it?

Ron Pattinson said...


fairly common as Amsterdam is very multinational.