Thursday 16 September 2021


Doing my obsessive thing with the CBK records, has its uses. I can see how the German influence increased during the Dutch occupation.

Early on, it's the Dutch breweries discussing voluntary measures to cope with the war situation. The occupiers aren't involved hardly at all.

The further into the war, the more the Germans start interfering. At first in fairly logical ways. Like matching the strength of German and Dutch beer. 

Next they want to specify not just the strength, but the amount brewed. No more the pre-war. Except for the beer brewed for the Wehrmacht.

Gradually, the Germans take more and more control. Frog in a saucepan like.

Fascinating to see it from the inside. I'm sure there's loads more fun to come. The Nazis loved micromanaging to the point of absurdity.


Mike in NSW said...

Ve haf vays,

Anonymous said...

The original book Schindler's List goes into great detail about how slipshod, petty and also corrupt the Nazis were in dealing with Schindler's enamelware manufacturing.I wouldn't be at all surprised it was true for brewers too. It took an odd combination of talents to deal with them.