Saturday, 5 June 2021

Let's Brew - 1939 Heineken Donker Lagerbier

Since I've already published recipes of the other two, I may as well complete the set of Heineken Dark Lagers with Donker Lagerbier.

Weakest of Heineken’s dark beer was Donker Lagerbier. A sort of session Münchener, you could call it, at just 3.5% ABV.

It wasn’t their most popular beer, by any means. Accounting for just under 9% of Heineken’s output in 1939.

In Germany you didn’t get Lagers of this gravity. Everything was at least Vollbier – 11º Plato – strength. At least until the war kicked in. Whereas in Czechoslovakia slightly stronger beers of 10º Plato were extremely popular.

The malts are the same as in Beiersch, albeit not in the same proportions. The big difference in the grist, however, is the presence of rice. Something not found in Heineken’s other dark beers.

The hops were a mix of Hallertau and something described as “Rand.” In the brewing record. No idea what that might be. Both types were from the 1938 harvest.

1939 Heineken Donker Lagerbier
pilsner malt 6.00 lb 73.80%
caramel malt 60 L 0.25 lb 3.08%
caraamber 0.50 lb 6.15%
carafa III 0.07 lb 0.86%
rice 1.25 lb 15.38%
caramel 1000 SRM 0.06 lb 0.74%
Hallertau 90 mins 0.25 oz
Hallertau 60 mins 0.50 oz
Hallertau 30 mins 0.67 oz
OG 1035
FG 1009
ABV 3.44
Apparent attenuation 74.29%
IBU 19
SRM 12
Mash double decoction  
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 48º F
Yeast WLP830 German Lager


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Chris said...

Perfect, will brew Bok and Donker in a few weeks. Hope for the recipe of the Export Pils as well. So let's brew..