Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Heineken (Rotterdam) grists in 1941

The grists hadn’t really changed since 1940. The beers are still all malt, save for a little caramel colouring. This is a real contrast with the UK, where by this point all brewers had been forced to use some unmalted grain. The move wasn’t just about preserving grain supplies. Labour shortages meant that there was limited malting capacity.

I’m not sure why the kleurmout and caramel have been dropped from Beiersche. I would have expected that they would struggle to get the colour dark enough without those two elements. According to the brewing records, it is a little paler, but only by a small amount. Probably too little for drinker to notice.

Heineken (Rotterdam) grists in 1941
Date Beer Style lager malt Kleur-mout broei-mout Caramel-mout litres Kleur
17th Jul Pils Pils 100.00%        
16th Jul Donker Lagerbier Donker Lagerbier 90.50% 1.50% 6.00% 2.00% 24
17th Jul Licht Lagerbier Licht Lagerbier 100.00%        
15th Jul Pils Pils 100.00%        
16th Jul Beiersche Münchener 91.88%   6.09% 2.03%  
Heineken brewing record held at the Amsterdamse Stadsarchief, document number 834 - 1760.

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