Friday, 11 June 2021


My new book on my favourite Mild Bitter Ale is complete and ready for sale.

The result of a week writing and just 15 tears of research, it tells you everything you need to know about AK. With several pages and 50 home brew recipes, it's the definitive book on the style. OK, it's the only book on the style, but that doesn't stop it being definitive, does it?

Be the first in your circle to get this invaluable book. 



Daniel Boisvert said...


Michael N said...

AK! The book the world didn't know it needed.I have ordered my copy.

Coincidentally, I will be brewing a Fuller's 1910 AK this weekend. It's a cracking, little "drinking" beer from a recipe that Ron posted years ago.

jdwilliam said...

I welcome the new book and have just ordered it. I will certainly vouch for the 1898 Fullers AK from one of Ron's Recipes.

Raoul Duke said...

Looking forward to receiving my copy of AK..!!