Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Get your string ready!

Because it's almost time for the annual Drinkalongathon. Where you can match my Christmas Day drinking. Should you have no regard for your liver.

As usual, a few items are required. Due to the strange times we live in, the list is somewhat shorter this year.

1 bottle of Laphroig (or other Islay whisky)
1 crate of St. Bernardus Abt
3 boiled eggs
1 bottle of sherry
1 bottle of port
half a lemon
another crate of St. Bernardus Abt (just to be on the safe side)
2 jars of pickled onions
7 pieces of string (extra string to make up for the absence of some other items)
1 copy of A Clockwork Orange
6 cans Gulpener Gladiator (or another super-strong Lager)
1 Chimay glass
1 portrait of Erich Honecker, preferably unframed and slightly damaged
1 small bag of pistachio nuts
250 gm streaky bacon
1 litre vodka (for the kids, if you have any)
1 litre gin (for your partner, if you have one)

Get yourself ready for the big day!



Anonymous said...

The slightly damaged portrait of Erich Honecker is going to be tough. Once you start damaging his picture, it's hard to stop.

Ed said...

Seven pieces of string this time! It really has been a difficult year.

Andy said...

This is the closest I've ever been to prepared.