Monday, 5 November 2018

Washington homebrew

I don’t rise until after ten. I’m in no rush.

Jamie is off on a course. I find Paul in the garage, where the wort for the Brown Ale he’s brewing is just about to boil. I spend the next hour or so watching Paul brew. To be honest, mostly watching him clean stuff.

He has quite a nice setup, capable of brewing 10 gallons at a time, though he’s only brewing five today. It’s partially automated, with a control panel that he built himself. Five minutes before the end of the boil, I throw in the Irish moss. Always nice to contribute.

Once all the gear is clean and stored away, me and Paul have a beer. He has plenty of it, both homebrewed and purchased. But we can’t get too into it. Neither of us has eaten. Jamie suggested Donut King for breakfast. So down there we go.

I’ve no intention of eating a donut. They have sandwiches, too, thankfully. When we’re done, Paul suggest a quick look in the liquor store.

He’d been telling me earlier how this was the only county in the country that had a monopoly on liquor sales. There are some whole states where that’s the case. Pennsylvania, for example. But nowhere else is it on a county level.

They have a pretty good selection. I head straight for the bourbon section. Maybe I can get something reasonably priced for the kids, rather than waiting until the duty free. I find a rye for just $17.49. Bargain.

We aren’t going anywhere. Tonight it’s a party for BURP members. Paul and Jamie mentioned that they’d be cracking a few vintage beers so I brought along some of my own. Dolores is always glad to see the back of some of my beer, anyway. Especially the older ones that have been hanging around for ages.

I’ve also bought some cheese, Belgian and Dutch. There’s a particularly tasty very old Gouda. Like a rock it is, and difficult to cut. Lovely flavour, though. And it goes well with the powerful beers we’re tasting. Others have brought food along, too. As well as beer. It’s all rather jolly.

Lots of old friends to chat with,  beer, food. What more could you ask for? World peace, I suppose. Not much chance of that happening, though. I should be thankful for what I do have.

Things have become a little hazy by crashing time. I blame that cheese. Sleep quickly sucks out my consciousness.

Donut King
3727 University Blvd W,
MD 20895.
+1 301-949-3464

Montgomery County Liquor & Wine
3733 University Blvd W,
MD 20895.
Tel: +1 240-773-2013

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