Friday, 16 November 2018

It's that time of year again

I love working 80%. I get every Friday off. Brilliant. A whole day with nothing to do.

Not that I do nothing. A god time to be getting on with all the crap I can't be arsed to do in the evening. Yoday, that meant rattling off my seasonal book, Yule Logs!!!!! The one without any words, just pictures of brewing records. Very saucy.

This is the earliest I've ever had it finished. Usually I have to rush it at the last minute. It took way longer than expected to upload. 40 minutes to upload the source file each time. I say each time because twice one of the images was buggered up.The another 10 minutes for the file to be formatted by Lulu and me to down load the pdf to check.

For fucking ever it took. I'd never have got it done in the evening.

Three cheers for working part time. And buy the book. The perfect lmited-edition Chistmas present for any beer obsessive. Or one of my many other books.

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