Thursday, 25 October 2018

Calcutta beer imports in 1889

A quick little post based on a tiny quote from the Brewers' Guardian. It may be brief, but it yells us some interesting facts about beer exports to India.

For one thing, it confirms that the Scots were big exporters to India. I am slightly surprised that George Younger came out top. It wasn't a particulalry big brewery. I assume that the Allo Ale mentioned was IPA, not Scotch Ale.
"Notwithstanding the growth of breweries in India, that count is taking more malt liquors from Europe than ever. Messrs. George Younger & Son’s Alloa ale heads the Calcutta imports list for last year with 260,000 gallons, followed by Pilsener with 205,000 gallons. Bass is imported at about 100,000 gallons."
"The Brewers' Guardian 1890", 1890, page 261.
It looks like pilsenere was rapidly gaining ground in India.Again, something I knew occurred, but it's nice yto have confirmation and some numbers. Bass Pale Ale, a beer very much associated with India, scores surprisingly poorly

Though, to be honest, the quatities for all three breweries are quite modest. Then again, I doubt many Indians drank beer, just their colonial masters.

Calcutta beer imports in 1889
Beer barrels
George Younger Alloa Ale 7,222.2
Pilsenser 5,694.4
Bass Pale Ale 2,777.8
"The Brewers' Guardian 1890", 1890, page 261.

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