Sunday, 14 October 2018

Birthday recipe

There's a new button on the left. "Birthday recipe"

Let me explain what it means. Egotist that I am, I've deliberately photographed brewing records on my birthday. Which is why I could have a festival of birthday beers for my 60th birthday party.

I'll be honest here. I need to earn more dosh from my beer activities. Dolores has made this very clear. "You need to earn more money from your beer crap, Ronald."

OK, Dolores. Stop hitting me. I'll sort this out.

Want a special beer for your birthday? Or any other significant event. I can sort you out with a recipe for any given date. I've so many brewing records, I've multiple recipes for any given date.
For a mere 25 euros, I'll provide a home brew recipe for any date. Along with an image of the relevant brewing record to prove I'm not just making it up.

For just 25 euros. Bargain.


Unknown said...

That’s a bloody good idea. And I’m a bit pissed. Go on then, 3.8.1970. Donation just made. Something Bitterish would be good. Cheers!

DryLion said...

You should get a tie in with the biggest homebrew supplies / forums across the world as then you'd get a lot more visibility.

I can see the American home brewers getting pretty excited about this. They lovey a bit of history.

Stuart Smith said...

OK you got me. I'm in. I look forward to seeing what you have for me from 1941. All the best.