Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tetley's beers in 1848 - 1849

Did I mention that I'm a deeply lazy person? I sometimes wonder what I could have achieved, had I not been such a lazy arse.

This information is a good case in point. A few years back I had a lightning visit to the West Yorkshire Archives in Leeds. In a frantic two hour session between the archive opening between and when the family picked me up in a taxi to go to the airport, I snapped as much as I could. to peruse later at my leisure.

The earliest records were from 1848. Yeah! But, rather than the pre-printed form with stuff filled in, they're totally handwritten. Which makes life much more difficult for me. Being a lazy bastard, i went straight to the 1858 records. Which are on pre-printed forms.

The 1848 records I'd just left untouched. Until this week. When I wanted to know when Tetley started brewing Pale Ale. And had a trawl through them, looking for Pale Ale. Which I found. Then I realised: these things aren't as hard to read as I thought. Harvest time.

An interesting set. Especially the Pale Ale. Few breweries were making it in 1848. Mostly just in Pale Ale specialist towns like Burton and Edinburgh.

I was surpised at how much Porter Tetley brewed. The occasional Stout, but quite a lot of Porter. and loads of Mild, of all strengths. Five different ones. The amount of Porter brewed surprised me. A decent percentage of Tetley's output.

A dream: all five 1848 Tetley Milds on draught in the Cardigan Arms.

Tetley's beers in 1848 - 1849
Date Year Beer Style OG FG ABV App. Atten-uation lbs hops/ qtr hops lb/brl hops
27th Mar 1849 E.I. Pale IPA 1065.6 1016.1 6.56 75.53% 19.78 5.57 English
24th Apr 1848 PA Pale Ale 1067.9 1018.8 6.49 72.24% 21.44 6.04 English
1st Apr 1848 X1P Porter 1063.7 1018.3 6.01 71.30% 10.40 2.66 English
14th Apr 1848 Stout Stout 1077.6 1021.3 7.44 72.50% 12.12 3.70 English
18th Apr 1848 X Mild  1049.9 1023.8 3.44 52.22% 6.53 1.36 English
5th Apr 1848 X1 Mild  1077.6 1027.1 6.67 65.00% 6.95 6.11 English
5th Apr 1848 X1 S Mild  1069.3 1026.3 5.68 62.00% 6.95 2.95 English
12th Apr 1848 X2 Mild  1088.6 1025.5 8.36 71.25% 6.31 2.26 English
7th Apr 1848 X3 Mild  1099.2 1025.5 9.75 74.30% 6.37 2.54 English
Tetley brewing record held at the West Yorkshire Archives, document number WYL756/1/ACC1903.


Unknown said...

Hi Ron,
Those early Tetley's records certainly are fascinating, with the earliest EI Pale I've found being from 1845,
There's also goodies like the Tetley's Pale, Sykes Pale and Harrogate Pale Ales in there as well!!,

Barm said...

Had the autovac been invented yet in 1848 though?

Thom Farrell said...

So the Pale Ale dates back to at least 1848. Was this quite early for a brewery outside of Edinburgh or Burton to be brewing pale ale?

Ron Pattinson said...

Thom Farrell,

yes, very early. Most London breweries didn't male Pale Ale unti the 1860s.

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm pretty sure not.