Thursday, 27 September 2018

Best Bier

"Dad, why don't you ever write about Best Bier on your blog? It is the best beer, after all."

"Good point, Lexie."

"It is good beer. And it only costs 62 cents per half litre can."

"A true baragain. Is it as good as Finkbräu or Schultenbräu?"

"No, of course not. Best Bier will always be the best. Even though they are German. Don't forget to ask your readers what the cheapest beer is where they live."

"I won't."

"And how good it is."


"It won't be as good as Best Bier, though."

"Obviously not, because it's the best. It's in the name."

What's the cheapest beer where you live? Is it any good? If not, what is the cheapest beer you find drinkable?

I'll kick off with my seasonal favourite, Amstel Bock. 44 cents per 30 cl bottle of a 7% beer.


rod said...

Ron -

I think the cheapest drinkable beer to be found in Greenwich would be Tuborg Gold.
£1.00 per 500ml can - during the hot weather, served pretty cold, it wasn't bad.
Also, it reminds me of my student days.....

Matt said...

Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter is £2 a pint in the pubs round here (Stockport and South Manchester). The local Wetherspoons charge £2.29 for cask beer, although it's 50p cheaper with a CAMRA voucher.

Lambicman said...

Given Dutch VAT and excise (is there excise on beer in NL?), and taking away the retailers margin, 44 cent is very cheap.

Andy said...

In Portland, Oregon the cheapest I can think of is Rolling Rock (AB-InBev) at $9.99 for an 18 pack of 12 oz 4.5% abv cans. It's definitely not the best.

Martyn Cornell said...

Banks's Amber Ale, 90p for a 50cl bottle in Tesco. And it's a very fine English bottled ale, too. Fill yer boots.

Sean O'Reilly said...

Tesco Everyday Value Bitter - 4x440ml cans for £1, godawful!

Cheapest drinkable beer is probably Banks Amber - 90 pence for a 500ml bottle last time I looked.

Barm said...

As you know, there isn’t any really dirt cheap beer in Britain due to the high rate of duty. So my favourite cheap beer recollection is stocking up on 60c tins of Rodenbach from a supermarket in Antwerp.

StuartP said...

Err, 44 cents for a bottle of Amstel Bock?
Where are you buying that???

Lee said...

Archa lager, cleanest and crispest of the macro lagers, least popular and 45 Baht(just over a quid) for a 630ml bottle here in Thailand.

A Brew Rat said...

In Montana, the best always available cheapest beer for it's price is probably PBR. Consistently cheaper than the other factory beers such as Coors and Budweiser, and better than the low end factory beers such as Keystone and Busch which are terrible.

That said, the current best bargain here is one of the craft breweries around here will fill a half gallon growler for $10 with 10.5% abv tripel. Same price they charge for a growler fill of their 5% kolsch. And, its mighty tasty.

RCairns86 said...

Tennents lager is probably the go to cheap drinkable beer here (Scotland). Provided it's served correct (cold and full of gas) then it's as good as any other mass produced lager. As for bottles/cans then probably the same, tennents.

David said...

Lidl's Perlenbacher Premium Pils, 89p for 500ml bottle. 4.9% ABV.

I'm no lager expert but this has the right noble hop aroma, seems well balanced and hits the spot. Amazingly good value for UK supermarket beer.

Anonymous said...

Yeungling Porter isn't the cheapest beer, but it's not very pricey; it's basically a mass market beer. For a long time in the pre-craft days in the US, in a large part of the country it was the only dark beer you could find. And it's decent.At least, it was a good value at the price when you were looking for anything that wasn't standard American lager.